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Navigating the increased complexity of B2B selling and finding ways to create competitive differentiation is challenging.

Sales performance improvement and a repeatable process is the key to accelerated growth. It’s the fastest way to achieve the results you want. It’s no different than having processes for product development, accounting, or seeking venture funding. Without viable processes, companies sputter and many times fail.

Innovate To Win Sales Advantage Solutions

Successful selling is the most pivotal part of any thriving business. Innovate To WinTM has a range of selling impact services to help grow your revenue. You’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. Valuable leads won’t drift away and deals move forward quickly.

Supercharge your selling with a customized step-by-step sales process. Lead generation becomes more effective, sales pipeline management improves, and conversion rates soar. No luck required

The Innovate To WinTM Sales Advantage Solution include these key services:

ITW Sales Audit. Understand why you win and lose deals with an objective examination and evaluation of your current revenue system. We bring together all the key players for a deep dive into selling practices and activities, from beginning to end – value proposition, messaging, lead generation, sales pipeline flow, tools, and more. Gaps, bottlenecks, and opportunities are identified and a sales process map is created with relevant “inputs” and “outputs” for each stakeholder cohort, along with handoff, speed, quality and prioritization at critical points.

ITW Sales Impact Process. Building on the ITW Sales Audit, this is a detailed recommendation with a 30, 60, and 90-day phased implementation plan. The way your company sells is revamped with a customized step-by-step sales process, needed tools, and the key performance indicators to track and measure. Included is a selling techniques workshop based on the SPARCTM B2B Sales Playbook.

ITW Coaching. Execution is a major challenge for companies. Ongoing team and individual coaching will keep the implementation plan on track.

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